EVX Neos

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EVX neos is a revolutionary 100% natural anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing eye patch that delivers a measured dose of natural fruit extracts and pure marine collagen, with no additives whatsoever. Clinically proven formulation, delivering results in just 5 days. A clinical trial for a 7-day treatment with EVX neos led to; 

  • 17% Increase in skin elasticity
  • 16% Transdermal water loss (TeWL) reduction
  • 6% Skin lightening (3.5% melanin content reduction)
  • 19% Decrease in wrinkle size
  • 12% Reduction on wrinkle depth
  • 12% Less visible wrinkles

The patch has been specially designed to go under and around the eye to deliver a concentrated treatment for wrinkle reduction and under-eye darkness.

Pure Pro-Collagen Delivery

Collagen is the building block of our skin. In order to reduce the effects of aging (wrinkles) and skin damage (sun exposure), BioSunVex anti-aging EVX neos delivers 100% pure collagen, sustainably sourced from deep water hoki and ling fish caught in New Zealand’s pristine oceans.

Kiwi and Grape Extract Skin Repair Formulation

EVX neos also employs a carefully proportioned blend of plant extracts, selected specifically for repairing damaged or inflamed skin. This is a great natural anti-aging alternative to the typical ointments that contain carriers, additives, colouring agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, or preservatives, as it delivers only the required active ingredients to the skin and nothing more.

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