Anti-Aging Pure Pro-Collagen Delivery

Anti-Aging Pure Pro-Collagen Delivery

Collagen is the building block of our skin. In order to reduce the effects of ageing (wrinkles) and skin damage (sun exposure or injuries), BioSunVex Anti-aging EVX neos delivers 100% pure collagen, sustainably sourced from deep water fish caught in New Zealand’s pristine oceans. Since the main delivery platform is collagen type 1, in the form of its natural triple helix structure, the human body rapidly absorbs the bio-actives carried by the non-hydrolysed whole chain collagen molecules.

Kiwi and Grape Extract Skin Repair Formulation

Kiwi and Grape Extract Skin Repair Formulation

Anti-aging EVX neos also employs a carefully proportioned blend of plant extracts, selected specifically for repairing damaged or inflamed skin. This is a great anti-aging natural alternative to the typical ointments that contain carriers, additives, colouring agents or preservatives, as it delivers only the required active ingredients to the skin and nothing more.


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    An effective five day treatment using a new and patented delivery system for under-eye skincare.

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    A simple five second application delivers a controlled dose of ingredients each and every time.

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    All naturally sourced ingredients, with no emulsifiers or preservatives.

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    Clinically proven skin performance and skin repair formulation.

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    100% pure, 100% natural, 100% sustainable collagen.

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    Special blend of plant extracts for repairing damaged or inflamed skin.

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What is EVX neos?

EVX neos is a revolutionary anti-aging patch that delivers a measured dose of natural fruit extracts and pure marine collagen, with no additives whatsoever. The patch has been specially designed to go under and around the eye to deliver a concentrated treatment for wrinkles and under-eye darkness. During the 5 seconds application on moistened skin, ingredients are rapidly transferred from the patch to the skin.

When should I use EVX neos?

At nights, after you clean your face and before you go to bed. This product cannot be applied on top of makeup and makeup cannot be applied immediately afterwards.

Are the results clinically proven?

Yes! We have conducted a clinical trial for a 7-day treatment with EVX neos: the patch led to a 19% reduction in wrinkle volume, a 12% reduction in wrinkle numbers and a 12% reduction in wrinkle depth.

How quickly should I see results?

You should be able to see results after five days of application.

Is EVX neos safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use EVX neos during pregnancy.

Can I apply more than one set of eye patches a day?

Our recommended dosage is one application per day, over moist skin (for best results, use EVX neos after showering or after taking a bath).

How often should I use EVX neos 5 day treatment?

For long lasting and great results, we recommend using an EVX neos 5 day treatment every 30 days.